Veritas Coloring Pencils - Set of 24

Product image 1Veritas Coloring Pencils - Set of 24
Product image 2Veritas Coloring Pencils - Set of 24

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Front Row Left to Right:


    • Hot Pink 212C; 
    • Purple 2685C; 
    • Blue 287C; 
    • Light Blue 299C; 
    • Green 348C; 
    • Yellow Green 376C; 
    • Yellow 102C; 
    • Blush 1555C; 
    • Orange 151C; 
    • Red 200C; 
    • Brown 478C; 
    • Black 4C; 


Back Row Left to Right:
    • White 501; 
    • Burnt Ochre 153C; 
    • Magenta 2425C; 
    • Violet 2587C;
    • Ultramarine 2746C; 
    • Jade 339C; 
    • Chrome Yellow 124C;
    • Vermillion 172C; 
    • Carmine 191C; 
    • Brick Red 704C; 
    • Vandyke Brown 411C; 
    • Warm Gray 11C 

Use these colors by themselves for beautifully deep coverage, shade them from pale to light or layer them to create new hues.  The long-lasting pencils are resistant to breakage and the wax-base lead lays down color smoothly.

Put together a gift set for a niece or an aunt and include a set of Veritas Coloring Pencils and any of our Coloring Books or Coloring Cards.


  • 24 Colored Pencils
  • Non-Toxic
  • Vivid Colors
  • Easy To Apply and Easy to Layer 
  • Create New Hues 
  • Applies Smoothly 
  • Breakage Resistant
  • Thicker Wax-based Lead
  • Package Size: 8.19" x 3.5" x 0.8" (208 x 89 x 20mm)
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